Kelly Williams with A Broken Mirror

A Broken Mirror

"This book is loosely based on my life.

Although names and circumstances surrounding events have been changed,

the message of God's unconditional love and power to heal all wounds

is the ultimate unshakable truth.”

A Broken Mirror is a novel based on an incredible true story.

Follow the story of Kelly as she navigates the rough waters of abuse, abortion, and ultimately adoption. Experience the heartache and triumph of Tessa as she overcomes a difficult childhood to find her forever family. Be inspired by Sadie and Will as they remain faithful to each other and their God through decades of illness and pain. Above all, understand that life is like a broken mirror, revealing mere fragments of reflection at the points of brokenness. However, in time, the great Weaver of life will reveal the fullness of the redemptive thread.

Written by: Sara W. Berry

Sara W. Berry is a wife, mother, teacher, speaker, and author.  She has written several Bible Study curricula, creative non-fiction, and children’s books—some of which have been translated into Spanish and Chinese.  She lives with her husband, Mont, and her seven children in Mississippi.  For more information on Sara’s books or to follow her blog go to

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